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BOD Meeting announcement 2023-08-05

BOD Meeting announcement 2023-08-05

This is a notice that the BOD will have a Board of Directors meeting on Aug 5th, 2023 at 10am in the QYC clubhouse. This is a regular board meeting that is open to the membership.


  • Call to order/roll-call
  • Financial review
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Public comment



OCTOBER 2, 2021 – The yacht club will be shut down including pump out & ice machine except for the restrooms and water system.

OCTOBER 11, 2021 – The restrooms and water system will be shut down.

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 – ALL boats MUST be removed from the DOCKS.

OWNERS:  If you have a renter, make sure to notify them of this timeline.

THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation


2021 Kickoff

2021 Kickoff

To say that 2020 was one for the books would be an understatement! The coronavirus took center stage and had quite literally hi-jacked our lives. For the first time in the Club’s history, we were unable to host our annual meeting and had to cancel all club dinners for the season. Additional restrictions prevented us from fully opening the club in our typical timeframe. Once
open, we were all doing our very best to socially distance, wear a mask when that was not possible and abide by new guidelines for restroom use. All the while, trying to enjoy spending time with family on the lake we all love.

We appreciate your partnership and cooperation in respecting guidelines put in place to ensure the safety of all who came to Quayside during the 2020 season. We are also grateful for the many volunteers who contributed to the opening, operation and closing of the club for the season. Thank you!

We do hope that you and your families have remained in good health and are navigating restrictions, remote work and remote learning well.

With 2021 now in full swing and vaccine distribution underway; we are hopeful for a very different boating season this year. At this time, it would be pre-mature to project whether we will have the ability to operate normally, but we commit to you, to keep you updated periodically via our web page. Please be sure to check-in from time to time.

Dues and fees
Annual Dues of $550 for the 2021 season are due by May 31, 2021. Invoices will be sent the week of April 12th . Like in year’s past, you have the ability to make payment by mailing the stub with your check or paying online.  If you want to pay online, you
don’t need to mail anything back, just visit the events page.

Winter 2021 Highlights:
– Ice Management
– Important Dates to Remember: (Subject to change based on restrictions that may still be in place.)

  • Club Opening – we’re tentatively planning to open for the season on May 8 th. Please note that vessels can be placed in slips once “ice out” has been declared.
  • Annual Meeting – May 29th at 10:00am
  • Club Dinners – Memorial Day Weekend (Cancelled), July 3 and Labor Day Weekend September 4.

Candidates for the Board of Directors Needed – We have three BOD seats up for reelection this year – Wes Schurman, Stan Pollack and Susan Donnelly. If you are interested in running to for the BOD please contact any BOD member so we post your Bio.

Cheers to a brighter 2021!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Board of Directors.

2019 Closing Schedule

2019 Closing Schedule


  • OCTOBER 5, 2019 Total shut down of Clubhouse
    including pump out.
  • NOVEMBER 1, 2019 All boats MUST be removed
    from the DOCKS.

THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation

2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting

Welcome to another season! The water temp has already risen above 50, and soon we’ll be lounging dockside.

This is just a reminder that our Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 25th at 10:00 AM in the clubhouse.

The Agenda for the Annual Meeting is as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Overview
  3. Financial Review
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business

For your review, we are mailing out the following:

  1. 2018 Financial Summary ( )
  2. Proxy Form, so that you are able to cast your vote, appointing member to vote on your behalf. Voting by proxy allows your voice to be heard and helps the club to meet the quorum requirement. If you’d like to vote by proxy, please complete the enclosed Proxy Form and return to Susan Donnelly, another board member, or the mail to the address below prior to the meeting.

And as always, our Memorial day dinner will be that evening. Sign up online at

If cold water sinks, why doesn’t the entire lake freeze all the way to the bottom

If cold water sinks, why doesn’t the entire lake freeze all the way to the bottom

Have you ever noticed in the summer when you swim down deep, the water is cold?  Of course!  We all have.  We know that the surface gets warm from the sun and air and that cold water sinks.

This time of year however, the air temps drop and water temps drop accordingly.  But have you ever wondered why the lake doesn’t completely freeze?  I mean if cold water sinks, as the surface water get colder and colder, shouldn’t that 32 and lower temperature water sink?  Funny thing about water.  Water that is less than 39 degrees is actually lighter (less dense) than water that is 40 and above.  So every so often, you will see little blips like the one in the middle of the temperature graph below where even though the air temperature was below freezing, there was a quick bump in the temperature.  This was caused by deeper, warmer water inverting with the cooler, more dense surface water.  There have been a couple of these so far this season, and there will continue to be more until the surface water temps hit 32.

To keep an eye on the air and water temps, check out the lake conditions page at

By-law update process has begun

By-law update process has begun

As mentioned at the 2018 annual meeting, the board has started the process to update our bylaws.  The goal is to hold a vote with the membership next spring, 2019, (and remember, 2/3 of the membership must vote to approve the changes (By-Law 12-100)).

In order to prepare for that, the Board is providing a copy of the initial draft changes.  These changes are the minimal suggested changes to bring us current with the laws that have passed since we were incorporated.  One area that isn’t captured yet is aligning our fiscal year with our annual meeting.  Since there are reporting and meeting requirements, we might need to make some modifications to that part of the document.

Please review the draft attached below and provide any comments you have before the Labor Day weekend.  We will compile the comments and provide a second draft in October with comments requested by Dec 31st.  A final draft will provided at the beginning of 2019 with a vote expected in May 2019.

First Amendment to the Bylaws of Quayside Yacht Club, Inc.

Please provide comments via email, paper, or submit online:  (include your name, slip #, and the document section #).

For your reference all of our founding documents (Articles of Agreement, By-Laws, and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions) are attached here: QYC_docs_All.  The only document being modified is the By-Laws.

July 2018 Update

July 2018 Update

Ice, Ice, Baby!

In the “keeping cool” department, you might have noticed a new cool down shower installed on the side of the clubhouse.  This came in very handy last week as the highs were in the 90’s and the lows were in the 70’s.  Thank you for suggesting this idea, it’s a great addition!


Also falling under category of arctic update, we have a new lock for the Ice Bin.  Our old beloved lock never returned, so we replaced it with a combination lock.  Since there isn’t a way to update a padlock with the old key, the board was worried about how to get new keys to everyone.  Hopefully the combination lock works our for you.  The code is in the bathroom, and we ask that only those who paid for ice use it.  If you want access to ice and haven’t paid, just let a director know (or pay online:

And for when you feel like you can’t move and the ice and shower aren’t enough, there are some new Adirondack chairs and tables in the shade on the clubhouse porch.  Enjoy a cold beverage and take a break in the shade.


Oh and you might have noticed some new carts rolling around the clubhouse.  Look for some more to be added to the fleet later this year.



Clubhouse Opening – Sat May 5th at 9am

Clubhouse Opening – Sat May 5th at 9am

Welcome back everyone!

Ice out was declared last week and the water temps are near 50.  It’s time to open the clubhouse.  We sent an email to the mailing list asking for volunteers, and if anyone is around all are welcome to open up the clubhouse.  It’s a fun activity and only takes a couple hours.  Saturday, May 5th at 9am.

If you plan to go boating in the next couple weeks, please be on the lookout for debris in the water.  Large logs and trees will be floating out there until the winds bring them to shore.  And be careful if you go out on the water.  It’s cold enough to quickly cause hypothermia.

We’ll see you on the water!