Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations



The following Rules and Regulations apply to the operation of Quayside Yacht Club, Inc. (QYC) and the conduct of the owners, renters and guests at QYC. These rules were adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on June 22, 2018, whereby revoking, withdrawing and rescinding any prior Rules and Regulations of the Club.

The Board of Directors reserve the right to amend, change and modify the Rules and Regulations at any time, with or without notice should it be in the best interest of QYC and its owners, renters and guests (herein referred to as member(s)).


Tubing is not allowed coming in or going out of the marina channel inlet or other water areas inside the marina.

No foreign matter, chemical substance or any other foreign liquid shall be dumped, pumped or disposed of in the lake at any time.

Parties and other social gatherings on Club property shall be conducted in a manner which will not infringe upon the rights of other members.

Members shall use discretion with all noise or sound-generating equipment so as to not create a nuisance to the other members.

Docks shall be kept clear of all personal property with the exception of Club approved dock boxes, and if space permits, small umbrella table with chairs.

Fishing, conducted in a safe manner and location that does not impact other members or boat traffic is allowed.


There is no swimming allowed from boats or anywhere within the marina.


Cooking with charcoal or wood is not allowed anywhere on Club property. Cooking is permitted on boats and in the clubhouse using grills with 1lb propane tanks.


Pets shall be managed so that their presence does not infringe on the peaceful enjoyment of the facility by others.

No pets, other than registered, licensed dogs or cats shall be permitted on Club Property.  Pet owners must ensure that all vaccinations, required shots, etc. are current for the pet.

Any dog or cat must be leashed or carried.  Pets may NOT be left unattended.

Pet waste must be promptly disposed of, by the pet owner.

Failure to follow the pet related rules will result in the pet being permanently excluded from the Club.


20 MINUTE PARKING is allowed in front of the clubhouse/restroom building.  THIS IS A DROP OFF ZONE.

Trailers, campers, mobile home or tents are not permitted on Club Property including the parking lot.

All vehicles parked in the parking lot must display a valid club sticker.

VIOLATORS MAY BE TOWED at the owner’s expense.


No boats docked at QYC shall impede the safe navigation of any other boat.  Due to the navigational hazards that may be caused by the size of boats in certain slips, the BOD shall review and approve or deny the placement of any boat that exceeds the maximum CLOA boat length of the slip. See QYC Boat Size Policy for additional information.

In the event the Club Rules and Regulations are violated the Board of Directors is authorized to take action against the offender(s) in accordance with Article X, §10-100 of the By-Laws.

The REMEDY FOR VIOLATION provided for by the Condominium Act, NH RSA Chapter 356-B shall be in full force and effect.

2018 QYC Rules and Regulations as a PDF download here.

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