By-law update process has begun

By-law update process has begun

As mentioned at the 2018 annual meeting, the board has started the process to update our bylaws.  The goal is to hold a vote with the membership next spring, 2019, (and remember, 2/3 of the membership must vote to approve the changes (By-Law 12-100)).

In order to prepare for that, the Board is providing a copy of the initial draft changes.  These changes are the minimal suggested changes to bring us current with the laws that have passed since we were incorporated.  One area that isn’t captured yet is aligning our fiscal year with our annual meeting.  Since there are reporting and meeting requirements, we might need to make some modifications to that part of the document.

Please review the draft attached below and provide any comments you have before the Labor Day weekend.  We will compile the comments and provide a second draft in October with comments requested by Dec 31st.  A final draft will provided at the beginning of 2019 with a vote expected in May 2019.

First Amendment to the Bylaws of Quayside Yacht Club, Inc.

Please provide comments via email, paper, or submit online:  (include your name, slip #, and the document section #).

For your reference all of our founding documents (Articles of Agreement, By-Laws, and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions) are attached here: QYC_docs_All.  The only document being modified is the By-Laws.

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