July 2018 Update

July 2018 Update

Ice, Ice, Baby!

In the “keeping cool” department, you might have noticed a new cool down shower installed on the side of the clubhouse.  This came in very handy last week as the highs were in the 90’s and the lows were in the 70’s.  Thank you for suggesting this idea, it’s a great addition!


Also falling under category of arctic update, we have a new lock for the Ice Bin.  Our old beloved lock never returned, so we replaced it with a combination lock.  Since there isn’t a way to update a padlock with the old key, the board was worried about how to get new keys to everyone.  Hopefully the combination lock works our for you.  The code is in the bathroom, and we ask that only those who paid for ice use it.  If you want access to ice and haven’t paid, just let a director know (or pay online: https://quaysideyachtclub.com/events/2018-key-fees-only/)

And for when you feel like you can’t move and the ice and shower aren’t enough, there are some new Adirondack chairs and tables in the shade on the clubhouse porch.  Enjoy a cold beverage and take a break in the shade.


Oh and you might have noticed some new carts rolling around the clubhouse.  Look for some more to be added to the fleet later this year.



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