Happy Winter!

Happy Winter!

Congratulations!  We are at the halfway point of winter.  In less than 100 days I expect to start seeing boats in the water.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a relaxing off-season.  And for the snow birds, please wear sun screen.

There isn’t a ton of stuff going on, but there are a couple updates.

You should be receiving your annual statements soon.  Our accountant has transitioned us to Quickbooks and the invoices generated make it simpler for her to track payments.  Just like last year, we are allowing you to also pay for the additional optional fees (ice, pumpout, etc) with your annual operating fee.  Annual dues are due at the end of Feb.

New this year is the ability to pay your dues and fees online.  We use the same online system as we’ve used in the past for the club dinners.  Please let us know if there are any questions or issues so we can resolve them.

We ran a small test program this month to generate and send online invoices.  We will be collecting feedback and hope to offer it next year to anyone who is interested.  We will provide more information at the annual meeting and throughout the year.

We’ve added an online calendar.  We’ll be adding more events to it, so be sure to subscribe (click the + button in the lower right hand corner of the calendar).

See you soon!  -Greg



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