2016 Club Close Down

2016 Club Close Down

The 2016 boating season is behind us, the club is settled in for it’s winter slumber, and we eagerly await spring.



I would like to express my gratitude to those of you who came out to close down the clubhouse over the past 2 weekends.  In addition to the normal close down activities — cleaning, putting up “Thin Ice” signs, wrapping the clubhouse, taking down signs and winterizing the mechanical systems, and more — we had some amazing volunteers head up into the attic and organize and clean.  We had some large animals hangout up there over the summer and they left quite a big mess.  The attic was sealed a month ago to prevent any future critters, and everything is now sparking upstairs.  Thank you all very much!!




Dan getting the antifreeze ready for the pumpout system:



Wes getting the compressor ready for the waste and water lines:



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