Fall 2016 Closing Schedule

Fall 2016 Closing Schedule

It’s been quite a summer!  But like most good things, it unfortunately will come to an end.  Hopefully at that point there will still be enough water in the lake for our boats to be able to float.

Closing Schedule:

  • Sep 30 (Fri) – Last call for ice
  • Oct 1 (Sat) – Phase 1 of QYC closing, volunteers needed – Clubhouse, water and pumpout still operational
  • Oct 10 (Mon) – Phase 2 of QYC closing, volunteers needed – Clubhouse, water and pumpout closed
  • Oct 31 (Mon) – All boats need to be out so we can install the circulators/ice-eaters

Volunteers Needed:

As mentioned previously, volunteers are welcomed to help with the closing. The closing of the club will happen over the course of two separate days:   Saturday, Oct 1st and Monday, Oct 10th.  Anyone willing to help either or both days are asked to contact Wes (603-387-1331) or Bill (603-486-7226).  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Construction Areas:

Notice to members on the back dock and side dock that have the old Trex decking — all lines, cleats and items attached to the main dock and finger slips must be removed as the docks will be under construction.  The construction company will attempt to pile all remaining items together (lines, cleats, etc), but please be aware that anything left attached to the docks may get lost, damaged or destroyed.

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