Safety Update

Safety Update

Please take a minute to read the following.  Both articles are stories of tragedy and I hope that by spreading the word, we can save a life.

Two Merrimack paddleboarders drown in Weare

Neither person was wearing life safety vests, state officials confirmed. “That is probably a factor for why we are here today,” Marine Patrol Sgt. Dave Ouellette said.
The death is a tragic reminder that safety precautions are essential for anyone using the water, Ouellette said. “Any type of craft, you are required to have a personal flotation device; that’s the law and it’s there for a reason — to keep you safe,” Ouellette said.

After tragedy, parents raise awareness about electric shock drowning

“Ground fault protection devices on the power sources that switch the power off if there’s a problem with the electrical flow. Or simply shutting the electricity off when people are swimming.”

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