Club Announcements:

  •  There is an opening for a QYC Board member.  Election will take place at the May 28 meeting.
  •  Memorial Day Dinner is May 28th. Please check the club events tab for details.
  •  (Update 5/11/2016) The attorney will not be at our annual meeting to discuss the oversize boat policy. The oversize boat moratorium will remain in effect for now. If an owner has a question re: oversize boats they can contact Wes Sherman or Bill Paro.
  •  Please bring insurance papers to the annual meeting
  •  Key fees: A/C – $50, Pumpout – $50, Ice – $25, Clubhouse – $3

Member Update from Board of Directors, Winter 2016

  • The Board of Directors (BOD) voted to have Bill Paro (slip 118 ) replace Tom Duhaime on Board of Directors.
  • A moratorium on oversized boats is in effect. All boats will be no longer then the assigned slip.  The length of all slips are documented on the QYC bulletin board in the club house and on the QYC Web-Site.  The only exception will be existing boats which are grandfathered.
  • Owners that rent may rent their slip only one time per season.   It is the responsibility of the slip owner or rental agent to inform the renter of   1) the allowable boat length for his slip,   2) proof of insurance with QYC as additionally insured and   3) QYC rules and regulations.  Please remember that proof of insurance for renters and owners must be provided to QYC BOD before boat is put in slip.  Slip owner must inform a board member the name, address, phone number and email address of all renters.
  • Dog owners must provide proof of liability coverage on homeowners/renters insurance.
  • Boat stickers will not be required this year. Parking stickers will be required since parking continues to be a problem especially during holidays. Owners need to provide renters with temporary stickers for guests which are located on bulletin board.
  • Board has compared QYC with other clubs and found fewer rules and regulations, lower dues, and continued dock improvements while continuing to make advances in safety with AED, fire extinguishers, life preservers and, ladders.

Please consult a board member should you have a question.

Important Change for Members Concerning Boat Insurance Information.  Members are now required to contact their boat insurance companies and have companies forward proof of coverage and dates to: Quayside Yacht Club, PO Box 1254, Merrimack, NH 03054.


Learn how to make Boating Knots!
Visit the Animated Knots by Grog website. They also have an IPhone app.



Anyone need to get licensed for New Hampshire boating? The winter is a great time to take the online boat course and learn about the rules and regulations. Please be sure you are familiar with New Hampshire boater education law concerning age and education requirements for vessel operators of all ages. Visit the New Hampshire Boater Education Website…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Boat U.S. Member

Member Benefit:
QYC is a cooporating group of Boat U.S.
To get a 50% discount, visit the Members Only page to get more information.

Members, please be advised:

  • All owners & renters must register.
  • All Owners and Renters must submit their boat insurance policy at registration.
  • Owners who bring their dogs to QYC must also have $300,000 minimum personal liability insurance on their home insurance policy. The Club could be liable for anything over the covered policy amount. Because of this liability issue, renters will not be allowed to have dogs at the Club. This no-dog policy also pertains to guests.
  • At time of registration, renters will be issued the rules and regulations
    of Quayside Yacht Club.

To all owners and Renters please take note:

Insurance form is available here:

Download Insurance Form
Print and fill-out forms (add phone number & sign it)

Send form to:
Quayside Yacht Club, Inc.
PO Box 1254
Merrimack, NH 03054

Thank you for your cooperation.

Your QYC Board of Directors

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